Pipeline Consulting


As an international consulting company, Ekpass offers expert help with safe equipment operation methods in the fields of pipeline and facilities construction. Our offices are located in the U.S. And Canada, but EKpass serves clients across the globe. We offer on-site assessments for major pipeline owners relating to safety of pipeline and facilities construction. Although our consultations are built upon years of experience, we continue to add to that bank of knowledge through developing new programs and processes.

Connection to Manufacturers:

At EKpass we have developed strong relationships with equipment manufacturers, who supply us with need technical data. For example, Caterpillar’s global dealer, who serves the pipeline industry, is Pipeline Machinery International. PMI allows EKpass to access all Caterpillar data, giving our pipeline clients a definite advantage.

Assessments, Audits, and Policy Development

Each of our assessments relates to to safety and productivity within your company. We will assess whether or not your equipment operations comply with client and contractor policies and requirements, regulatory body requirements per location, and best industry practices. We can also assist you in developing proper protocol for the auditing process.

There are many policies that must be set in place in relation to operation of your equipment. We can help you create policies on general operating procedures, training & certification, machine maintenance, purchasing & auditing, and any other site-specific policies you would like to initiate.

Safe Work Plans

There are many aspects to creating a safe work environment for your equipment operation. EKpass is dedicated to helping develop the plan that is right for you. Using our extensive knowledge of how equipment operations run and the limitations that exist, we focus on forming realistic, practical work plans.

We specialize in finding solutions to the most challenging of work environments. We can help you solve problems with complex equipment capabilities, including difficult site conditions (extreme weather, sloped landscape, etc.), environmental concerns, and struggles with small work area space. As we work on your work environment, we will be sure to identify any risks and foreseen problems and plan an approach to minimize those risks.

Heavy equipment operations can be dangerous and sometimes incidents with machinery occur. Our aim is to help you put in place the proper measures to prevent incidents and report them if they do happen. We will assess risks and establish a stable work environment to minimize them. On-site analysis of various operations will also help determine what functions most effect incidents. EKpass offers both expert experience and a bank of technical data to draw from in considering your equipment operations. The combination of each of these tools will ensure that the best safety work plans are implemented for your company.

Project Supervision

Ekpass will provide expert advice in the safe and most efficient use of your equipment. We can help with the most difficult circumstances, from environmental concerns to challenging site conditions. An equipment operation expert will help oversee the entire project.

Equipment and Project Inspections

Inspection of equipment is important to ensure acceptability for client projects. At EKpass, we know the ins and outs of the older models of equipment commonly used in pipeline construction. We’ll aid you with proper documentation of acceptability of mobile equipment, starting with when it arrives on site and then throughout it’s time of use.

Project inspection is another area where EKpass offers expert consultation. We want to make sure your operations comply with client and contractor expectations, regulatory body requirements, and the best practices for each type of equipment operation. In addition to maximizing compliance, we aim to help lower the number of incident occurrences, reduce the environmental footprint, and increase your overall operation effectiveness. Throughout the project we will conduct on-site inspections of equipment and any related issues. We offer a wide range of knowledge and help to assist with any project.

Evaluation of Needs

It is important to us to help you identify your companies needs, and we will help assess your practices to find where you need assistance. We will assess compliance and efficiency to determine where training may fall short, and help you develop the best strategy to build a training program designed to fix those specific problems. Ekpass expertise will also help you identify how poor industry practice/non-compliance leads to exposures. With relation to safety, incidents, near miss reporting, and maintenance records, we’ll analyze your current project documents and help you see where improvements will lower your risks.

Screening for Equipment Operator Qualifications

Ekpass can equip your company with screening programs designed to help you determine the skill level of prospective employees. This measure of skills can be applied both to applicants who are new to the job and to assess skill level of current operators.

Training Programs

At EKpass, you can find any type of equipment operation training you seek. We provide coursework for equipment operation, supervisors of operations, and inspection training. We can also customize a training program to meet specific needs.

Equipment operator training involves both classroom theory work and hands on, practical experience. We train on-site and can help with any type of equipment, and train to meet the needs of any level of student, whether experienced or not.

Our supervisor training focuses on specialized projects or needs, as related to specific equipment use. Programs are tailored to meet these unique needs. We build supervisor “people” skills by encouraging relationships built on respect with contractors and other industry workers.

The inspection training at EKpass also is centered around special projects and needs and caters the training to those needs. We also help resolve confusion in relation to equipment operations, and any other unique problems.

With the variety of needs for training in the heavy equipment industry, we provide custom training programs, particularly for various regions of the world that have unique needs. EKpass has a history of working in different cultures, and can provide life skills training in addition to industry training. This is especially helpful in areas where pipeline experience is very limited. Customized programs include coursework on safety, tasks specific to equipment operation, and even training specific to a particular make and model of equipment. We offer the flexibility of instruction – our training can be done on the web, as a computer course, or through an instructor. We are more than willing to develop a program to meet specific needs, all based on the foundation of over 20 years of our training experience.