I.T. Services at EKpass

We offer a wide range of information technology services, from developing out web and computer based programs to our one-of-a-kind Learning Management system. Each of our services is summarized below – for further information please contact us.

Hosting of our Programs Through Our World Class LMS

Ekpass hosts all of our programs in-house, directly on an Internet backbone, with 24 hour a day monitoring. Our world class Learning Management System, or LMS makes all of this possible. It makes us capable of hosting all existing training materials, reference documents and other needed items. As new materials are needed they are also quickly made available. The LMS makes our training possible wherever an Internet connection is available. All info is protected by 128 bit SSL security, with 5 different security levels for client access.

Web and Computer Program Development

We have offered computer and web-based training programs for many years now, and our development of these programs is a continual process. We focus on providing specific content unique to a certain client or industry, and we handle all types of subject matter. Solutions are both specific to either the CBT (computer based training) or WBT (web based training), as well as hybrids of the two. Backed by our years of experience, development uses existing knowledge to forge ahead and meet specific needs.

Additional Development

Besides our program development, we focus on custom solutions. At EKpass we have development systems for Web based parts/inventory systems as well as supervisory career paths. Our systems are capable of integration with legacy systems. We also have exceptional deployment methods unique to our company.