Certification for Crane Operators

Apart from our basic training programs EKpass provides specific “Crane Operator Certification” separately. We have the ability to ensure certification for towers, mobile and overhead cranes. This certification process has grown out of a need for t consistency with the standards for the operation of cranes. EKpass certification in this area exceeds standards for all federal, provincial and state regulations. This includes all guidelines for certified crane operators required by OSHA, MSHA and OH&S.

There are many locations that are now enforcing certification of crane operators. EKpass will help to make sure that your crane operators are compliant.

Here are some of the specific things that EKpass covers in this crane operator certification process:

  1. Safety
  2. Load Charts
  3. Proper operation of boom
  4. Pre and Post operation inspection
  5. Synthetic rope swinging/rigging/wiring

EKpass will train all operators who have the desire for crane operator certification.
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