Consulting Services Offered For All Industries

Consulting services provided by EKpass are extensive, and suited to fit the needs of any client. We will tailor our consulting to your specific needs.

Assessments and audits:

It’s important to identify exactly what needs your company has. This will include looking through different aspects of your company, from training employees to promoting the highest industry practices. We will help you locate the places where lack of training results in poor compliance to rules or inefficiency in operations. As we find them, we’ll provide solutions and strategies for getting your employees properly trained; if necessary we’ll help you implement you own training program.

It is also important for you to ensure you are meeting the proper safety standards and maintaining the proper records in relation to safety, indents, near miss reports and maintenance records. We will build a step by step guide for you to implement the solutions to any problems that need fixing.

Policy development:

We will help you map out your policies in relation to training, equipment use, maintenance, operating procedures, and certification. We also provide help with policies on audits, purchasing, medical situations, and any other site-specifics you need to consider.

Verification of Equipment Operator Qualifications:

We can help you put in place a screening program for potential employees who wish to operate heavy machinery. We will help you set in place the proper ways to determine the skill level of your applicants.

Audits and Other Assessments:

If you need assistance establishing proper assessments, we can help determine what you need. Neccessary assessments may include safety, productivity, client or contractor requirement and policies, and industry standards for equipment operation. Consultation for audits will include setting proper protocols to use.

Expert Witnesses:

Expert witnesses provide testimonials and technical briefings that are safety and productivity related.