Computer-Based Learning Program


What makes the EKpass computer-based learning program the best option for all computer-based learning? People who are experts not only in the subject matter at hand but also as training program developers. This means that you know you are getting world-class training with the most current information in the field. This computer experience is unlike any other because of the highly trained team of development training experts. EKpass has its own content that provides great depth of training information for all heavy equipment training. We know that effective training boils down to effective presentation and integration of the materials. The EKpass computer development team dedicated to the creation and support of the training includes professionals in 3D animation, instructional design, narration, sound engineering, graphic design and multimedia programming.

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The EKpass computer training solution is the perfect compliment to the hands-on experience of people in the industry. Our courses offered as e-learning are specifically focused on those who want some additional training in order to be a cut above the rest when seeking career opportunities. Certificates are provided upon completion of the e-training, evidence of your willingness to refresh your skills or add to your expertise.

EKpass provides a customization option in order to offer machine specific training information. This means you can choose exact machine make or model specifications according to your training needs. This training can be offered on a corporate level as well and integrate company specific information according to the parameters of your own company website.

If more specific content needs come up the data needed can be custom designed if compressed audio or visual needs are important to you. Higher resolution of the video is also a custom option as well as playback options, which do not require specific hardware.

If you happen to have procedural changes that need to be incorporated into the training as the needs of your business change, we can also provide that updated content as needed. These updates can also be made as new models of machines are introduced, requiring cutting edge training information.

The following is a generalized list of all the great components of the EKpass web-based training program.

Power Point led by the instructor can be customized in the following ways:

  • Graphics
  • Testing tools with administration by the Instructor
  • All related content for the specific subject
  • Photos
  • Information related to your business or client
  • Video segments which can also be client specific if needed
  • Completion of all training is verified, as many accreditation agencies now require.

In addition to all the above features the Instructor also verifies the Power Point:

  • The ability to deliver simultaneously different training specific materials within the same training location. (For example the ability to train shovel and bull dozer operators at the same time)
  • Allows the user the ability to administer the program for himself
  • Allows simultaneous delivery of training that is unlimited
  • Self paced completion of program training
  • Testing of knowledge along the way is under the direct supervision of the Instructor.
  • The training is set up in such a way that the user can easily stop and start the training at any time
  • In addition to all the above features there is also a computer based flash training option
  • Off line learning is available along with tracking for off line learning
  • Exam generating software that creates a unique exam for each testing need
  • Delivery of not only initial but also recurring training as needed
  • Content supported through Flash-based animation, video and other multimedia features
  • Certification compliant completion verification is it is required

The stand-alone web based training option

If you are a motivated individual, looking to get ahead of the game with your professional training then these completely self-started and self-guided courses may be exactly what you need. The flexibility of this option allows you to access the online course material from any location. The online testing allows for all tracking of your progress to be stored on EKpass servers. Your scores will be immediately calculated providing the feedback necessary to track your progress.

The online heavy equipment we based training option can be stopped and started from any computer. This can be a great way to improve performance, safety and overall productivity as a heavy equipment specialist.
This convenient web based, self guided training includes all the features listed above as well as the following:

  • Decreased demands on your IT budget
  • Quick and convenient deployment as well as development
  • Full compliance with the Aviation Industry CBT Committee (AICC) and the Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) requirements. These meet technology based training guidelines and well as the standards for high quality web based learning
  • User tracing allowing you to see exactly how much time was spent on each aspect of the training
  • Email notification sent to direct Supervisor indicating the completion of training
  • Ability to host the web based materials on a secured web site
  • Available through CDROM, Intranet and LAN as well as the Internet
  • Zeros issues with compatibility
  • Secure with SSL protocol as well as Windows encryption
  • Use of a standard internet browser
  • Can be customized and scaled to an individual or an entire company requirement
  • Offered in several different languages
  • World class database support through Oracle, Access, SQL and Server
  • Reporting and tracking in great detail
  • Training validation and records tracking options
  • Technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Provides the proxy verified completion of training required by many accreditation and certification agencies
  • Ability to customize and expand based on the needs of each module
  • Varying levels of security and accessibility depending on your needs
  • Proprietary LMS Program that tracks all the content, manages records of enrollment and provides the entry point for all user activity

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