Heavy Equipment Operator Training and Certificate Programs

Our award-winning training is unique in the industry. We tailor your training to meet your specific needs. We train on all equipment types, and we include information specific to your equipment, right down to the make, model, and series!

EKpass approaches mobile equipment operator training in a distinctive way. What we offer is unlike anything that is currently available elsewhere. EKpass utilizes decades of field experience, and decades of training experience. The combination of this experience has culminated to result in training that is as rewarding for you as it is for your operators.

Training effectiveness is measured by the degree of retained knowledge. Operators who have experienced EKpass training have been shown to have significant knowledge retention, in part because they have a high perceived value of the training. EKpass is dedicated to creating training programs that meet your objectives, and that are meaningful to the operator. The measured degree of retained knowledge can be produced to you by EKpass in the form of charts and graphs.

Training begins in the classroom where the fundamentals are covered, including safety, basic maintenance, operating techniques, and advanced skills.

The bulk of our mobile equipment operator training is an effective and engaging hands- on component, conducted by an EKpass instructor, a seasoned veteran who’s “been there, done that”. Operators can relate to EKpass instructors, and EKpass instructors can relate to them. This relatability fosters a boost in morale and its effects are long lasting.

Mobile equipment operator training is provided at your place of business, using the equipment that trainees will be operating. Not only can production continue during training, but the operators also learn in their actual work environment!

If you need training to take place off your site instead, our training team can also arrange for an alternate location.

We use proven knowledge testing mechanisms, including practical skills assessments where the operator is assessed while actually operating.

Our heavy equipment operator training encompasses many categories – mobile equipment (both fixed rail and free moving), heavy equipment, and more – so whatever your training needs are, it’s almost certain we can meet them. Need more specific information? Please contact us directly – we’ll be happy to answer your questions.