Heavy Equipment Operational Needs Assessment

When considering the importance of making sure that your company is compliant with all company policies the value of a proper needs assessment cannot be over stated. EKpass promises to perform a thorough and accurate needs assessment based on the actual up to date status of your company. This detailed assessment includes an analysis of the company potential for productivity improvement as well.

The EKpass needs assessment offers a clear picture of the compliance levels of all internal company standards. The assessment includes any outside regulatory requirements as well. This in depth assessment will help you to know the exact training needs in order to improve the effectiveness of your over operation.
This process includes evaluations on-site where heavy equipment operators are at work as well as a thorough inspection of all company-training records to date. Random evaluations of all supervisors, operators and management are also performed to ensure consistent performance.

Assessment of the Heavy Equipment Operators

EKpass performs perfunctory observations of the heavy equipment operations. The observation performed includes an assessment of the skill level and understanding of the operators. This process includes more than merely an observation of skills and performance. A formal evaluation consists of random surveys and multiple layers of interaction with the Operators.

Safety Conditions

Each operation has specific safety guidelines outlined. The procedures need to be followed in order for all workers to be safe within the workplace. EKpass knows how to realistically assess the how accident-prone environment of your work place is at the current time. EKpass knows how to determine how well safety procedures are implemented and understood. This will help to clearly define how improvements can be made, even with a positive safety history. EKpass will tell you if improvements need to be made and exactly how to work towards making those improvements.

Assessment of Hoisting

This is particularly useful for companies that deal with major pipeline transmission. EKpass had experience with assessing all critical components of hoisting procedures. These specialized assessments are essential for the safety programs and overall construction productivity.

Whatever your company assessment needs you can rely on EKpass to offer useful insights with a deeper level of perception. These real life assessments promise to go a long way towards helping any operation reach optimal potential.