Consulting Overview

With offices based in the United states and Canada, EKpass offers international consulting across the globe.

As we continually develop new and existing programs, and as we build our experience in the industry, our list of assets available for your use grows exponentially.

We focus all our consulting efforts on meeting your specific needs. Backed by 20 years of field experience followed by another 20 years plus of continual consultation and training, we are sure to offer solutions to any need you may have. Whether you need your operations and training assessed, or help with productivity, EKpass will be sure you get the help you need to succeed. Our goal is to provide the consultation you need to increase productivity and decrease maintenance costs. We also want to help you lower incidents and boost levels of safety.

Here’s a small sample of the consulting services we provide:

  • Training Program Creation
  • Safety Assessments
  • Performance Strategy Creation
  • Operational Assessments
  • Operational Efficiency Studies
  • Policy Creation
  • Safety Programs
  • Ongoing Support
  • Expert witness testimony and technical preparation