Ongoing Support – Maximizing Return on Training Investment

Safety and maintenance training efforts need to be maintained with the right support in order to ensure that all heavy equipment is being used properly over time. This means that ongoing efforts are required to ensure that all productivity and safety guidelines are followed. This will go a long way towards improving the long term value of the initial investment made on the training.

EKpass offers an ongoing monitoring system that can track all productivity measurements. This tracking includes any company incidents, time cycles between equipment use and general availability of each piece of equipment. These measurements relate directly to the productivity growth of your business.

EKpass offers this needed ongoing follow up with trained consultants prepared to administer evaluations. These evaluations are intended to reinforce all safety procedures and production skills presented within the initial training. EKpass is prepared to help you continually move forward with the positive momentum gained from the initial world-class training. This level of ongoing accountability ensures your ability to maximize effectiveness within your industry.