EKpass Introduces a Variety of Steep Slope Training Programs to their Pipeline Training Series…

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January, 2014

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EKpass Steep Slope Specialists

EKpass is pleased to announce the release of a special program focusing on steep slope construction in the pipeline industry.

This program is available in multiple levels and is customized as required.

The program can be delivered in a corporate setting, during onboarding for projects, or in the field during active construction projects.

The program covers such things as factors affecting steep slope construction, tethering and winching, anchor techniques, ground conditions, friction coefficients, equipment attachment points, as well as equipment specific and crew specific guidelines for safe steep slope operations.

Versions of the program are well suited for construction managers, project managers, engineers, construction superintendents, foreman, and equipment operators.

This program is yet another addition to the pipeline training series and joins such programs as the Side Boom Safety Awareness Program aimed at informing this same group, covering such items as regulatory body requirements, safe operating procedures, live vs hydraulic draw works, different styles and types of side booms, as well as capacity and best practices for hoisting.

EKpass, using state of the art training techniques and technology, develops and delivers heavy equipment training programs that are both effective and stimulating. EKpass‘ experience in heavy equipment training on-site makes it possible to provide “tailor made training” specific for every client operation.

For further information visit the EKpass website at www.ekpass.com or contact EKpass via email at contact@ekpass.com or by phone at 1-800-638-9524.