2013 June

EKpass Performs Hoisting Assessments in Mexico for Major International Pipeline Transmission Company

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June, 2013

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EKpass is travelling to Mexico to provide a broad scope of pipeline consulting services. A major International pipeline transmission company has commissioned EKpass to perform a number of hoisting and general mobile equipment assessments on numerous pipeline projects. Mexico is the latest location to receive EKpass support, where both hoisting and all mobile equipment activities will be assessed.
A hoisting and general mobile equipment assessment as performed by the experts at EKpass consists of random observations of operations as well as random interaction with operators, management, and affected personnel. After the data collection is complete, an assessment is provided to the client that includes but is not limited to; identified issues of non-compliance, as well as best practice observations and recommendations.

A pipeline project in Mexico involves unique factors such as extreme weather conditions and treacherous terrain such as steep slopes and unstable ground conditions. EKpass welcomes the opportunity to apply their expert knowledge and provide their input to their clients.

Company Background

EKpass is a global heavy equipment training, consulting, and I.T. services company specializing in productivity, safety, and environmental programs and services.

Many contractors, both civilian and military, turn to EKpass for their heavy equipment operator training needs as well as other equipment training. EKpass is an international training and consulting firm that specializes in operator training on a variety of mobile equipment. In addition to a myriad of civilian clients, the company has provided the Canadian Armed Forces, the US Navy, the United States Marine Corps and other branches of the military with professional instructor-led heavy equipment operator training. These seasoned certified instructors have provided services at hundreds of locations world-wide.

EKpass is a global training and consulting firm with more than twenty years of experience specializing in all types of heavy or mobile and heavy equipment operator and safety training programs. This wide scope training and consulting addresses such issues as machine maintenance procedures, operating safety essentials, and overall operating strategies that lead to improved productivity. EKpass utilizes a vast library of electronic, audio visual, printed material, and other materials specific to client equipment. In addition EKpass brings extensive past experience in mobile equipment operator training to the forefront during the preparation of all e-learning programs. The EKpass development team consists of instructional designers, graphic designers, multimedia programmers, 3D animators, sound engineers and subject matter experts (SME). Designers and programmers are experienced in mobile equipment productivity and safety techniques.

EKpass, using state of the art training techniques and technology, develops and delivers equipment training programs that are both effective and stimulating. EKpass professional resources enable us to offer vital training and mentoring for all clients. EKpass experience in training “on site” makes it possible to provide “tailor made training” specific for every client operation.

EKpass’s balanced curriculum of performance and safety solution based theory and hands on training addresses all needs. EKpass has an extensive I.T arm including web based training development. Other services offered by EKpass include hoisting and equipment safety audits, needs assessments, efficiency analysis, equipment operator evaluation, and other solutions to heavy equipment operating challenges.

For further information visit the EKpass website at www.ekpass.com or contact EKpass via email at contact@ekpass.com or by phone at 1-800-638-9524.